Kickstarter for Filmmakers – Now on Kobo!


Kickstarter for Filmmakers is finally now available on Kobo! If you’ve been holding out for the format, now is the time to buy. Click the logo and it will take you directly to the purchase link on Kobo’s website.


Hope for Film Finale / I Want to Hear From You!

Ted Hopes’ Hope for Film blog has gone live with the third (and final) excerpt from Kickstarter for Filmmakers.

Today’s post is all about what to include in your campaign text, so head over and have a look:

All the excerpts that have run on Hope for Film, Indiewire, and Film Courage have been compiled on the Sample page of the site for quick/easy reference.

Now, onto something else:

I want to hear from you! If you’ve downloaded and read the book, I would love to hear what you thought. Was it helpful? Do I suck? Inquiring minds need to know. Tweet me, drop me a quick email, send a carrier pigeon. I’ve heard from several people already who have really dug the book, but what did you think?

To that effect, if you enjoyed the book, please consider taking a second or two to give it a rating/review over on iBooks or the Kindle store (or wherever you happened to pick it up).

Thanks again for the continued support. Onward and upward!


Jon Reiss / Film Courage

DIY filmmaking guru Jon Reiss asked me to write a guest post for his blog recently, and I’m happy to say that the post has gone live over at:

Additionally, the good folk over at Film Courage ran an excerpt from Kickstarter for Filmmakers on their site yesterday. This one is titled What Crowd Funding Is / Isn’t:

Huge thanks to Jon, Film Courage and everyone else who have helped spread the word of the book thus far. More to come!

Indiewire / Hope for Film Part 2

The second excerpt from Kickstarter for Filmmakers has gone live on Hope for Film today, so pop over and learn a bit about campaigning as a team and planning your rewards!

Additionally, Indiewire just went live with a sample of the book as well! It contains information seen in the first excerpt Hope for Film ran, but also some extra at the end that’s not to be missed!

“Cooper has clearly done his research. He’s crunched numbers and asked around the industry, and the result is a very readable, surprisingly helpful guide to preparing yourself for a crowdfunding campaign. “
– Indiewire

Update: 6 Days In, Hope for Film, Playback

Wow, what a first week!

I was hoping for good things when I undertook this venture, but holy crap, I didn’t expect this kind of response. Where to even start?

Over the weekend, Kickstarter for Filmmakers peaked on the iBooks Business chart at #2 and has been bouncing around the top ten ever since. I won’t get my first sales report for a couple months, so I still have no idea how many people have bought it, but it’s still pretty awesome to see it up there:

A lot of really cool stuff has been put into motion over the last week. Playback Magazine (the Canadian film industry’s Variety) has asked me to write an article about crowd funding for their next print edition.

In addition to that, Ted Hope’s blog, Hope for Film, has begun running excerpts from the book as of today. Two more are scheduled to go up next week, so if you’re still on the fence about downloading the book, be sure to check out the excerpts for a taste of what’s inside!

There seems to be demand for a print edition of the book, so I’m trying to figure out how to accomplish that. If you’ve got any suggestions, hit me up on Twitter. I’m basically making this all up as I go, so any insight would be lovely.

Some other really exciting opportunities have popped up, but since they’re not 100% yet, I don’t want to say much. Needless to say, it’s been an awesome first week with the book. Thanks to all that have supported it and bought it thus far!


Kickstarter for Filmmakers Debuts at #15 in Business Section of iTunes!


The book has only been available a few short days (despite the release date listed) but it seems like it’s gaining traction! I just discovered that Kickstarter for Filmmakers has debuted in the best sellers list of the iTunes Business section at #15.

Additionally, it has the #1 spot under the Industries & Professions section!


I have some exciting new developments coming up in the following weeks, but I can’t say much until it’s all been finalized. I’ll touch base soon, just wanted to share the news!


Kickstarter for Filmmakers Now Available!

Here’s the press release that went out yesterday regarding the release of the book!

In fall 2011, Toronto-based filmmaker James Cooper was faced with an obstacle that many of his peers will find familiar: how to fund his new short film. Weighing the options with the film’s producer, they decided to try their luck at launching a Kickstarter campaign.

45 days and $21,000 later, the film, Elijah the Prophet, was successfully funded. Drawing from his experiences in the trenches as well as the thorough research he did prior to (and after) launching his own campaign, James wrote the ebook Kickstarter for Filmmakers to aid his fellow filmmakers in preparing and executing their own crowd funding campaigns. The book is a combination of personal experience, advice, facts and a case study on how the campaign for Elijah the Prophet was planned and executed.

“After the campaign was a success, I found myself answering a lot of questions from friends and friends of friends about how we did it. After a while, I realized that there’s no real catch-all source of information to break down the basics for people, so I set out to make one myself.”

However, he didn’t want price to get in the way of people taking a chance on the guide. It’s cheaply available for $1.99 on the KindleNook and iBooks stores (with Kobo and more on their way). You can also buy it direct from on a pay-what-you-want basis in DRM-free PDF. “Making it available to as many people as possible was really important. Not everyone has an e-reader, so the PDF is a solution anyone can use” says the author.

Site Pre-Launch

Welcome to the pre-launch site!

The book has been sent off for formatting and uploading to major ebook stores, but is currently available in DRM-free PDF via a pay-what-you-want link under the Buy The Book section of the site.

The site will fully launch and press releases, etc. will be sent out once the book is available on Kindle and iBooks stores. In the mean time, thanks for your patience!